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Costs  for the Jesus Week from 2pm 7th Oct to 12pm 13th Oct 2012

Full Registration includes the conference itself, 6 nights’ accommodation and 3 meals per day:


Family discount:  Children 4y and under are free.  For families with more than one child 5-16y, the first child is $150, the second is $100, and then the rest are only $50 each (with early registration).  Thus a family of 2 adults and 4 children 5-16y would work out as $750 (being $400 for a couple, plus $150 + $100 + $50 + $50 for the 4 children over 5y).

Half-price “Sleep Out” Option:  If you arrange your own accommodation in Hanmer, the cost of the conference and 3 meals/day (without accommodation) is HALF of the costs quoted above, eg $125 for a single adult early registration.

Can’t Afford It?  We have tried to keep costs as low as possible, but if cost is still a problem, we do have a supporting fund which allows us to subsidise some attenders.  If you are in this category, please mark the box beside “My budget is limited” on the application form, and indicate how much you could afford without financial hardship, and we will see if the fund will cover the difference and contact you.

Part-time Attendance.  It is an option to attend for only the first part of the conference, though you should be warned that you probably won’t want to leave!  The cost of registration is then proportional to the number of nights staying, eg 2 nights attended out of the total of 6 nights would be 2/6 of $250 for a single adult, ie $83.  2 nights means 3 days.

The most vital topics of all are in the first two days (Sunday and especially Monday), so if you can only attend for 1½ days, this is a good option.

Couples may attend alternately if they need to, so that only one spouse attends at a time, and then they switch over so that the other spouse attends.  This counts as a single adult attendance since only one adult stays overnight.  Couples should allow enough overlap time when they switch over so that the spouse leaving can brief the new spouse with a summary of what they’ve learned.

We don’t advise attending only the middle or end of the conference because later sessions build on earlier sessions’ material and would be hard to understand without that background.