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Second Jesus Week  October 2012 

This last Jesus Week just happened to be an all women's conference!  We had a wonderfully open time of learning, sharing, discussion, worship and praying for each other.  Once again, we were amazed at everyone's ability to soak it all up--we thought 9am to 9pm (with mealbreaks) was plenty, but offers to end earlier in the evening were declined!  The worship was accompanied by a more powerful presence of God this time, and probably 50% of the teaching session time was discussion and questions.  This group had a lot of questions, all practical and relevant, and they seemed to find satisfactory answers to nearly all of them.  It was fantastic to see God touching people, burdens lifted, understanding dawning, and questions resolved.  The 7 children who came had a lot of fun in the children's program too (see children's program). Here's what some of the women said:

"I feel I've found peace and a solid foundation to my faith now for the first time in 8 years" Wife of burned-out pastor

 "I was challenged to surrender more -- verses like "love God with ALL my heart, ALL my mind, ALL my soul and ALL my strength", "no one can serve two masters", "give up everything" and “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does what my Father in heaven wants," all took on deeper meaning and significance.  I have been re-evaluating my life in regard to these verses and making changes.
The second area that the Holy Spirit to spoke to me about was the importance of hearing Him for myself and not relying on my husband and just going with the flow."  Teena

"This week should be compulsory for all pastors"  Debbie 


First Jesus Week  April 2012

The first Jesus Week conference in April 2012 brought blessing, understanding, challenge and change to almost everyone who came. We were amazed at their ability to soak it all up.  We'd been concerned that the program was a bit long -- 9am until 8pm with an hour for meals, plus tea breaks -- but after the second day they all asked if we could start earlier (8.30) and skip the planned half-day off so as to cover all the topics!  The quality of the powerpoint presentations, the interactive format, being able to ask questions and get answers, and the very personal and practical content all combined to make it easy to stay engaged.

Here's what people said about it afterwards:

"It changed our lives."  Dave, 6 months after April 2012 conference

"I would never in my wildest dreams have thought that as an adult I would be blessed to have such open, loving and honest exchanges of spirituality.  I went for a long walk this morning and thought a lot about last night and my whole notion of forgiveness.  I realised that I was almost forgiving people but still holding back that last 10%.  Thankyou Teena and Graham for giving me the framework to progress towards achieving that last 10%."  Debbie V, after separate "Forgiving Others" session

"After the session on 'Forgiving Others', I realised what it feels like to  forgive someone, and I realised that the only person I had ever forgiven properly was my dad.  I came home determined to forgive other people in my life and it's like God has opened a pathway for me to be able to do this."  Teena

"The presentations were very well done and very well thought through.  The logical progression made it easy to follow and pay attention, as did the practical applications of the teaching that Graham and Teena illustrated from their own lives.  It was very helpful that Graham was willing to take questions at any time - even tricky ones - and (generally) give answers to them on the spot."  Ian

"[I was] Stunned, Shocked, Disbelieving.... Then I did some study and I now understand that the years of teaching I had sat under has been flawed.  Graham's teaching and understanding sits quietly within my spirit."  Viv

"Great children's program!  There were really fun games like jump-thru-the-hoop and launching a water rocket.  We enjoyed doing a play to the adults (of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego).  I wish it was for a month instead of a week!"  Joshua age 9y