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 Major Themes of the Jesus Week

The major themes are:

  • Jesus’ teachings, which we will examine through presentations, personal testimonies, questions and answers, listening to the Holy Spirit, and discussions (see Timetable and Topics ).
  • Practical: everything has to work out in real life, and we encourage this through honest and open testimonies, asking questions, and group sharing and discussions of what this looks like for us today.
  • Hearing from the Holy Spirit, whom we will invite through worship, time spent listening to him individually, and prayer ministry
  • Involvement:  people are encouraged (but not obliged) to join in worship, praying, sharing, asking questions, and group discussions.  Questions are welcome—whether they are basic, hard, controversial or personal!  We aim to be open, interactive, and to address important issues honestly.  People are free to express doubt or disagreement—it’s a step on the journey towards understanding

Our goal is to help people connect with God, and we recognise that different people need to do this in different ways.  We therefore encourage people to do what they need to;  for example people may need to skip a session in order to prayer-walk in the forest with God, or simply to get an early night;  or some people benefit more from bringing a pillow and ‘soaking’ quietly during worship rather than singing, etc.